This is the greatest source of joy for the people of Bahia. Only the party’s organization involves the direct participation of 25 thousand people. Its dimensions are gigantic.

It gathers an average of 2 million people throughout 25 kilometers of streets, avenues and squares. Carnival is structured on three official circuits, namely Dodô, Osmar and Batatinha, with the presence of more than 200 entities divided in blocks of trios, Afros, Indians, children & choice, afoxés and independent trios. The festival also takes place at Pelourinho - with the presentation of several bands and groups - and in boroughs around the city, where stages are specially built for musical shows. Salvador receives an average of 800 thousand visitors from municipalities located as far as 150 kilometers away, from several States of Brazil and from a number of other countries. The event starts on the evening of Wednesday (Dodô, formerly the Barra-Ondina circuit) and only ends one week later, on Ash Wednesday morning, with the meeting of electric trios at the Castro Alves Square and the famous arrastões led by Carlinhos Brown from the Barra.

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