Beaches of Salvador

Salvador has beaches for all likes. From the calm waters of Porto da Barra beach to the waves of Flamengo's beach, there are many options.

Porto da Barra Beach

Porto da Barra beach on a busy day and the Santa Maria Fort which was built in the 17th century by the Portuguese to protect the bay. - Photo: Joseph Santini
Sunset at Porto da Barra beach, with Santa Maria Fort in the foreground, with swimmers bathing in the calm waters.

Just 50m from the Manga Rosa Guest House, the Porto da Barra beach is the cleanest beach and one of the most centrally located. Ideal for children to play in, it is small and has no waves. It faces west and is on the bay side.

There are no beach kiosks on it, unlike the other beaches north of the city. However, local vendors will rent you chairs or a large beach umbrella for the day.

It is a fantastic beach to watch amazing sunsets, while sipping your favorite drink. Great place to watch people. It is a place where people gather to practice sports, chat, and enjoy the charm of the Forts, Santa Maria and São Diogo, located at each end of the beach. The extreme right is where the GLS crowd gathers.

Jaguaribe Beach

Jaguaribe beach Fernando Maynart

Sunset at Rio Vermelho (Red River) beach, in Salvador

Jaguaribe is 18 km away from the downtown area, between Piatã and Patamares beaches, and is one of the most sought in Salvador. The sea is calm, and natural pools form in the reefs during the low tide. There are several kiosks on the shoreline, equiped with showers, bathrooms, and serving drinks and special snacks. Some kiosks are open at night, promoting "luaus" and private parties. A fantastic place to take a walk in late afternoon. Beautiful palm-trees lining the roadway making it very romantic.

Itapuã Beach

Itapuã beach. In the center you see the Itapuã Lighthouse.

Itapuã is for sure the most famous beach in Salvador, known by the many songs that depict its beauty, mainly the songs of the late poet Vinícius de Moraes. If you visit this beach, we recommend you to stay by the Lighthouse, which is the most sought area by the local people. Beautiful natural turquoise pools form during the low tides, surrounded by kiosks serving local appetizers and seafood. Don't forget to sip a icy cold beer.

Stella Maris, Praia do Flamengo and Ipitanga beaches

These beaches are located north of the airport, about 30 km from downtown. A beautiful green sea with lots of waves, making it a paradise for surfers and body-surfers. They are very clean and recommended for the whole day.

Kiosks are found every where. Most of them have tables and chairs where you can spend the whole day without having to pay to use them, as long as you consume their drinks and food. We recommend a caipirinha (a concoction of sugar cane liquor with limes, sugar and ice), or a caipiroska (a concoction of your favorite vodka with fruits, such as, pineapple, acerola, limes, kiwi, strawberries, umbú, cajá, seriguela, sugar and ice).